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Coconut Milk Love Affair. Moo-ving Away from Dairy.

By: Feli Musing


I’ve met loads of people who have described their relationship with milk products by using the word, love.  I must say, I empathize.  Whenever I’m in Jamaica, the milk is just so amazing, and the ice cream and condensed milk are outstanding because of it.  The bloat from dairy is not so outstanding.  One tip for moo-ving away from my love for milk products has been what many people do with their own love-hate relationships, taking breaks.  I break up with dairy constantly.  We both know that we are no good for one another, but we tend to get back together here and there.  When I’m sensible, I run back to coconut milk, and we are fantastic together.  My tip for you is to incorporate coconut milk in your meals when you also need to break up with dairy.


Coconut milk is not only creamy, but dairy-free.  Pree (look at) this beautiful array of coconut milk options.


Liquid coconut milk is fabulous since all you have to do is pour.  If you want to use the coconut cream, add some water to a couple spoonfuls and mix, mix, mix for the same consistency as coconut milk.  Just like with dairy products, store your liquid coconut milks accordingly.


No fridge, no problem.  If you’re not too keen on storing the rest of your coconut milk in the fridge, try one of these powdered coconut milk options.  Just add water to a few spoonfuls.  Ignore the random specks of coconut milk powder on the packet of Grace coconut milk powder.  I store my opened and unopened coconut milk powders in the same storage container, so spillage happens.


One of my favorite non-savory ways to enjoy coconut milk is, porridge.  YES, porridge!!!!!!


Here are some of my favorite grains to add to your pantry for those moments when you’re hungry and need a hug from your breakfast (or lunch, or dinner, or snack).


Amaranth and quinoa – the protein warriors!  Not just for savory feasts.


Oats – Fiber packed, cholesterol lowering bae!


Let’s proceed with oats!  When preparing oats for a hot date with coconut milk, boiling oats in water with a little sea salt is like prepping your face with primer before makeup.  Just dweet (do it).  Help your oats look the part.  These particular oats take no time to boil up; maybe, 5 minutes tops.


After your oats are plump and ready, introduce them to coconut milk.  Coconut milk will turn your boring oats into a velvety, delicious bombshell.


Mix that coconut milk in and just look at her, she’s gorgeous!

Silky, dairy-free, and stunning.


A pro-tip is to add spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove to your coconut milk concoction. Confession time, I forgot to add the spices while the water boiled, but that is completely fine.  Add those spices in whenever you remember and let your beauty simmer on low once the coconut milk is incorporated.



My culture has taught me that breaking up with dairy does not mean you have to break up with deliciousness.  A healthy journey is boring if you can’t add something special to your relationship with healthy foods.  Keep those flavorings such as, almond essence and vanilla essence in rotation.


What’s love without a little processed sugar?  It’s actually quite enjoyable.  Try one of these alternatives to white or brown sugar for a change.


Coconut sugar, truvia, agave nectar, and honey are all pretty delicious.  Be mindful of not overdoing it on the sweeteners.


Not feeling for any of these pantry-dwelling sweeteners?  Add some fruit.  Whether dried or fresh, they are great accompaniments to the goodness that is coconut milk.


Raisins, apples, and bananas are just a few of the fabulous fruits that won’t interfere with the romance that you have going on with coconut milk.


Porridge is incredible on its own, but adding some omega-3 fatty acids, or extra proteins help satiate your appetite a bit longer.  However, there are no rules here.  You can even mix different sweeteners together in your bowl to achieve your desired taste.


Some favorites of mine are hemp seeds – rich in proteins and some omega-3 fatty acids, and flax seeds and chia seeds – bursting with omega-3 fatty acids.


Unsweetened nut butters like almond butter are also great additions to your hot cereal.


When compiling your hearty, creamy meal, feel free to drizzle or mix in likkle (a little) more coconut milk to optimize the velvety texture you’re going for.


Feast your eyes on my recent breakfast.  It did well flairy (It was really full of style).


I added little honey to my sweetie’s bowl for a touch more sweetness.


Don’t forget to put some R-E-S-P-E-C-T on your perishable liquid.  How do you expect to get over your break from dairy if you let your coconut milk go to waste?  Store any leftover liquid coconut milk in an empty glass container or any bpa-free container and place it in the fridge (if using within the same week) or freezer (if using after a week) for a love that is fresh.



Disclaimer: All photos taken are owned by Feli Musing.  Kindly cite this blog post upon the use of these images.  Thank you.