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Author: Feli Musing

By: Feli Musing Caribbean culture can be just as delicious as it is vibrant.  Though prominent sweet dishes such as porridge, pone, and black cake are staples in the islands, savory foods are worth their weight in gold.  No matter which island’s cuisine I’ve eaten, the greens are always flavorful.  With a Jamaican background, there are some simple and accessible ingredients we use that can elevate any simple healthy recipe to the next level.  Here are six ingredients that I’d suggest you keep in your kitchen all year round to create

By: Feli Musing When I’m not eating my fruits and vegetables, I’m drinking them.  There is often excess produce in my refrigerator, so juicing is one of the methods that help me eliminate food waste.  It’s always so sad to have to throw away produce that’s gone bad because I did not get to them in time.  If you also have this issue, it may be a good idea to transform some of your greens into juice.  The following recipe was created from having a surplus of zucchini and leftover kale

By: Feli Musing Salads can be extremely delicious and satisfying, though often viewed as boring.  One should reflect to solidify what is most distasteful about salads before deciding to completely eliminate salads from one’s meals.  Let’s be honest, salads that are super boring and flavorless can leave a bad taste in anyone’s mouth.  I’d like to make an honest effort to persuade more of you to give salads a try.  Here are my seven favorite ways to diversify your salads to include loads of appealing ingredients. 7 tips for enjoyable salad diversity:

By: Feli Musing Photo by: Mother Earth Mushrooms Mushrooms have been getting a bad rap for as long as I can remember.  It took a white button mushroom omelet, and an oven roasted hen of the woods intervention to spark my own infatuation with mushrooms.  They’re really not as bad as some may think.  Overall, mushrooms can be quite beneficial and delicious.  From button mushrooms to shiitakes, the umami packed beauties can provide a number of health benefits and flavor enhancing possibilities. Here are some of the remarkable health benefits: 1. Antioxidant rich mushrooms

The Dessert Kitchen brings you a gluten-free creamy smooth rice pudding for "sweet toothers" that can't get enough of the creaminess and consistency of it but want to stick to a diet with fewer processed carbs. When Is a Good Time To Eat Rice Pudding? You can have rice pudding for breakfast, or for a nice nutritious snack when that sweet craving strikes. Due to it's soft texture and delightful taste, it's easy for babies to chew and swallow, making it a go-to meal for babies as well. The healthiest option is

By: Feli Musing   During these trying times, my fridge has seen better days.  With the state-wide quarantine having us stay indoors, my household has gotten creative with the ingredients we have on-hand.  The fear of the virus that shall remain nameless for the purposes of avoiding the infliction of additional trauma to those who are either suffering, know suffering individuals, essential workers, scared citizens and the like, has fostered our creativity and togetherness (while practicing social distancing).  In my cupboard were some packs of instant ramen, and in my stomach were

By: Feli Musing   I don’t know about you, but the cold weather makes me feel so lazy at times.  Combine that with a late workout session and I just want to lie down and watch Netflix or something.  In truth, sometimes you just want something you can make with whatever you have lying around the kitchen.  A dish you can leave on the stove while you relax without having to worry about it.  Growing up, soup was that stir it and leave it meal.  As I continue to fight the war

Photo via Pixabay   Figuring out how to balance your physical and mental health can be difficult, especially if you have a busy schedule or are unsure of how to start a fitness routine. It’s important to make sure you take care of both your physical and mental health to get the maximum benefit. You can work out four times a week, but if you aren’t doing what you can to battle stress, anxiety, or emotional issues, you won’t feel as good as you possibly can.   There are several ways you can focus

By: Feli Musing As a disclaimer, don’t look at the title of this post and tell all of your peeps that Feli told you how lying in bed and chowing down on your 6-piece fried chicken and biscuit combo (mmm, chicken) with ketchup and hot sauce equates eating in color while staying in your comfort zone.  That is not the case, though I do love some fried chicken.  When the goal is to eat healthy majority of the time, six pieces of deep-fried chicken and a tower of biscuits can be saved for

By: Feli Musing             I’ve met loads of people who have described their relationship with milk products by using the word, love.  I must say, I empathize.  Whenever I’m in Jamaica, the milk is just so amazing, and the ice cream and condensed milk are outstanding because of it.  The bloat from dairy is not so outstanding.  One tip for moo-ving away from my love for milk products has been what many people do with their own love-hate relationships, taking breaks.  I break up with dairy constantly.  We both know that