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moFitMom™ Experience

moFitMom™ Fitness & Wellness Experience

moFitMom™ Fitness & Wellness Experience is for the working woman who needs a moment in the day to rejuvenate the mind, strengthen the body, and connect with like-minded woman!

The experience is facilitated by social workers, personal trainers, group fitness instructors, nutrition specialist, and masseuse, all licensed by an accredited institution for quality and safe experience!


  • 30 minute in a wellness, mindfulness and self-care workshop
  • 30 minute body blast workout with your child/children
  • Learn creative body weight exercises to do with your child
  • 30 min massages and networking
  • Shop nutrition products and athletic wear
  • Bring a Yoga Mat, Sneakers, Water and a Positive Attitude


  • Improves balance, stability and strength
  • Improves child mobility skills
  • Builds confidence in parent and child
  • Promotes weight loss
  • Motivational and educational for child and parent
  • Increases awareness on health & wellness
  • Will have a generational impact


We aim to educate, empower, and excite women on how to maintain a fit lifestyle with their busy schedule. We support working women, divorced women, single mothers and teenage mothers. The best part of this experience is that your children will be apart of it too, ultimately breaking the chain of lifestyle diseases through education and engagement.

Leave your comfort level at the door! We aim to support your journey to optimal health by breaking old unhealthy habits!


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