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Photo via Pixabay   Figuring out how to balance your physical and mental health can be difficult, especially if you have a busy schedule or are unsure of how to start a fitness routine. It’s important to make sure you take care of both your physical and mental health to get the maximum benefit. You can work out four times a week, but if you aren’t doing what you can to battle stress, anxiety, or emotional issues, you won’t feel as good as you possibly can.   There are several ways you can focus

By: Feli Musing As a disclaimer, don’t look at the title of this post and tell all of your peeps that Feli told you how lying in bed and chowing down on your 6-piece fried chicken and biscuit combo (mmm, chicken) with ketchup and hot sauce equates eating in color while staying in your comfort zone.  That is not the case, though I do love some fried chicken.  When the goal is to eat healthy majority of the time, six pieces of deep-fried chicken and a tower of biscuits can be saved for

By: Feli Musing             I’ve met loads of people who have described their relationship with milk products by using the word, love.  I must say, I empathize.  Whenever I’m in Jamaica, the milk is just so amazing, and the ice cream and condensed milk are outstanding because of it.  The bloat from dairy is not so outstanding.  One tip for moo-ving away from my love for milk products has been what many people do with their own love-hate relationships, taking breaks.  I break up with dairy constantly.  We both know that

By: Feli Musing             Let’s face it, women don’t always feel super.  For me, this sluggish feeling happens around that time of the month.  It also happens when I’ve strayed too far away from healthier eating habits.  My Jamaican elders have instilled in me that food is also medicine.  Internalizing this has brought me from the defeat of fatigue to the victory of strength.  Like other Caribbean islands, Jamaica has influences from all over the globe.  As a result, a bunch our power replenishing foods and spices can be found outside

By: Feli Musing   With Mother’s Day approaching, one can’t help but marvel at the women who birth or raise children to be the people they are.  To be alive is because of a mother.  These women give of their bodies, their spirits, and their time to nurture children.  Nourishing children’s bodies with good eats is one major aspect of mothering.  Occasionally, it’s a great idea to tweak some of these familiar good eats for a healthier lifestyle.  As a penny pincher, changing it up a bit doesn’t have to be more

Yield: 4 servings Prep Time:  10 minutes (8 hours for soaking dried gungu peas) Cook Time:  1 hour and 40 minutes when using soaked gungu peas 45 minutes to 1 hour when using canned gungu peas Total Time:  9 hours and 40 minutes when using soaked gungu peas 55 minutes to 1 hour and 10 minutes when using canned gungu peas   Ingredients 1 cup thoroughly rinsed quinoa 1 cup soaked or canned gungu peas (pigeon peas or gandules) 1 ¾ cup water 1 cup coconut milk (preferably a Caribbean brand, such as Grace, Jamaican Choice, or Goya