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Postpartum Depression


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Motherhood: The Weight of Carrying and Caring

If you are a new mom, and you find yourself struggling, please accept that it is completely normal instead of spiraling into self-doubt. It its normal that everything is all over the place at this point in time, so you may still be nesting. It is normal that your hormones are all over so you may still be having mood swings. It is normal that you are all over trying to get things together for your newborn, all while trying to handle your new obligations, responsibilities, and complex routines while nurturing a little one under your wing. With those wings, you will fly high in your destiny, overcome new challenges, and sour in your destiny despite having negative thoughts, feeling extra sad, loosing interest in activities that you loved doing before.

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Embrace This New Chapter in Your Destiny

It is important that you surround yourself with positive people and engage in productive activities when you begin to feel overly emotional. Engaging in exercises and self-care workshops with your little ones can keep your energy high.  Do not isolate yourself in a world where it is just you and your baby because this can increase your stress and eventually you’ll start to have negative emotions towards your little one. If there is family that you can surround yourself with, have them visit or you can visit them. Or if seeing family isn’t an option due to distance or personal reasons, you can always seek help from your doctor or others in your community.


You Are Not Alone, There Are Resources For You

Postpartum depression isn’t an easy task to handle alone with your little one, this is why there are programs and groups that you can join in order to help pull yourself out of this depression. You can join mommy and me groups in your community, or join a health club, or complete research on your own on how to recover from postpartum depression. At MoFit’s Health Club, we can provide you with the resources that you need to recover whether it is fitness coaching or lifestyle consulting services. We aim to help you to grow and improve as an individual, because you should be given the opportunity to genuinely enjoy parenting without feeling burned out and depressed. Subscribe to virtual family fitness sessions on Subkit with MoFit Health Club. You will engage in child-adult friendly exercises with your little one that will help you prevent lifestyle disease caused by being overweight and sedentary too long. Prioritize your mental health with MindBodySoul Psychiatry providing mental health services for insured and uninsured patients. Please keep in mind, we are not a medical provider and our programs do not replace medication prescribed by your doctor. Please consult with your primary physician before starting new programs and when experiencing prolonged symptoms.


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